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10 Nov


Screenshot 2014-11-10 19.15.07My latest contribution to Mr Porter is now live! To read the full feature, click here.

Whichever way the precarious life-work scales tip, it’s sleep that always seems to get the boot. We are designed to spend a third of our lives sleeping and yet 43% of the American workforce say they “rarely or never” get a good night’s sleep on weeknights. Thirty per cent of Brits claim they are sleep deprived or verging on insomnia, which suggests that some 19 million of us are not getting to sleep, or, if we are, we’re certainly not staying that way for long. Read More

27 Aug



My contribution to this month’s edition of Mr Porter is about how to transition from Summer to Autumn. To read the full story, click on the image above…

The change of seasons has long been known to affect the animal kingdom. The Arctic fox, sly and fashion-conscious creature that he is, changes the colour of his coat to match his backdrop (white for snowy winter, a dusky brown for summer). The poor Siberian hamster, which only mates in spring and summer, sees its testicles shrink as the days get shorter. The change of light signals a series of hormonal changes that make the little guy look like a completely different animal by the time fall has set in. Some animals hibernate; others come to life – all have an internal understanding of time. Read More