MARCH 15th 1.30pm – 4.30pm at INDABA YOGA, LONDON

“The yogic situation is that of detachment from all sensual engagements. Closing all the doors of the senses and fixing the mind on the heart and the life air at the top of the head, one establishes himself in yoga.”

– 8.12 – The Bhagavad Gita

The mystical states offered by yoga – that of samadhi or of the immutable atman within – cannot be reached through activity; instead they hinge on the cessation of all activity. In stark contrast to the dynamism associated with contemporary yoga, these states of consciousness require a closing of the senses (as in pratyahara), elimination of thought (chitta vritti nirodha) and detachment (vairagya, aparigraha).

As modern yoga places an overwhelming emphasis on asana and the body beautiful, how do we confront the limitations of our physicality on the mat and in life? Why do we place greater value on doing rather than being still? How do we think about ageing, injury, physical limitations and, most importantly, our own mortality in our daily practise?

Through guided meditation and a slow, mindful asana practise, we will consider the concepts of surrender, detachment and ‘conscious death’. We will also discuss these topics within the framework of texts including The Bhagavad Gita, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and the work of Swiss American psychiatrist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross. Finally, we will explore shavasana as a practise of anticipatory dying, and the freedom that it can bring.]

PRICE: £35 (£31.50 for Indaba members)