Touch Energetics offers more than just remedial massage. It is a journey into the body by way of touch, meditation, music, breathing techniques and energy healing. The 2 hour treatment is available by appointment only in Central London.

What is Bodywork? 

Most forms of bodywork are based on the premise that the physical structure is an expression of our unconscious world. Emotions, memories, beliefs and trauma are ‘imprinted’ into the body, making it a biography of our lives – a record of everything we have experienced and a repository for all that remains unprocessed.

Not only does bodywork ease tension and stress held in the muscular structure, but it also facilitates the release of mental, emotional and physical patterns that the body is holding. Where talking therapies can often leave a client stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’, bodywork allows a person to have the experiential (physical) release of an issue that is bothering them. In short, we get to work through and release a problem without getting stuck in the whys and wherefores of our individual story. With the space created by the release, we can invite new, positive thoughts and behaviours into our lives.

One of the things that will really stay with me is the way I felt immediately after the treatment. It wasn’t just a simple absence of thought or worry..it was much deeper than that. The image that might come closest to it is a very still body of water.
Jan L, 31London