"Bodywork with Ahmed has been a deep journey into understanding myself and my relationships with others. Through touch, he helped me access embodied emotions, trauma and stress that had long been locked up. He enabled me, not only to unlock these emotions, but to see them as incredible source of strength. After the intense release that I experienced during the treatment and the integration that followed, I was able to find a gentle and kind space within me."
Clémence P
"I didn’t really know what to expect from Ahmed’s treatment - is it a massage, a shamanistic ritual, energy healing... it’s all of those and more, and I suspect different for everyone. Its effects lasted not only for the days but the weeks and months that followed and I felt grounded and supported... and ultimately it led to me having the confidence to launch my own business!"
Rachel M
Literary Agent
"I went into my first session with Ahmed feeling stuck and adrift--physically, mentally, emotionally. I left the session feeling open, free, grounded, and much more attuned to my body, heart, and mind. He has a way of empathetically reading and understanding your needs, then translating that into the treatment, which is just magical. It was one of the most caring, intelligent, trusting, and holistic experiences I've ever had. These treatments are now going to be a part of my life. I can't wait to go back."
Jill DF
"One of the things that will really stay with me is the way I felt immediately after the treatment. It wasn't just a simple absence of thought or worry...it was much deeper than that. The image that might come closest to it is a very still body of water."
Jan L
"I met Ahmed in a yoga class, a class that I'd attended just by chance. I was at critical time in my life and had spent quite a while searching for a deeper connection. In retrospect, I'm pretty certain Ahmed knew exactly how he could help me as I stood on my mat. A few months later, with trust and sensitivity, through a bodywork session, Ahmed helped me to explore a new space, one full of softness and sincerity .It was a deeply moving experience and one that is difficult to fully explain. In the time since the session, I am beginning to access new parts of myself. I feel peaceful, I'm kinder to myself, life feels a little lighter...and small things make me laugh even more than they did before. I think bodywork is for anyone who is ready to to release and reconnect."
Jodie S
"I found Ahmed through my yoga studio. It is difficult to verbalise his treatment as I am sure each is very different. In my case I was certain I had an energetic blockage in my upper arm. I had not done any conscious damage but there was definitely pain there and I had tried many things to shift it - to no avail.The setting is wonderful and there is no clock watching. Ahmed makes you feel at ease and in very safe and strong hands. He worked on me for more than 90 minutes with a balanced mixture of massage, gentle muscle manipulation and energy work. One treatment certainly shifted the block and had a positively profound effect on my sense of well-being. I have since recommended him to several of my clients."
Dani Benjamin
Naturopathic Nutrition Practitioner
"My treatment was very complete. It was a balanced combination of massage and energy healing, leaving me clear headed and able to make some life choices that had appeared difficult beforehand." 
Amanda George
Humanitarian Aid Worker
"The session with Ahmed was really quite a significant experience for me. From start to finish I felt that it was much more than a deep massage...I felt very cared for. The sense of releasing feels liberating and I feel lighter for it. Things have really shifted for me since then and I believe my treatment with Ahmed was the catalyst."
Kirsten C
Consultant / Coach
I'm not easily impressed with body work as I have been lucky enough to experience some of the best in the world. Ahmed is on another level. I love these sessions with hime - working on a deep energetic level and powerfully charged. Highly recommended.
Susie Pearl
Author of bestseller "Instructions for Happiness and Success"
"It was the most genuinely caring and intimate time I'd had in a long while. I could surrender to the touch, the rising emotions, dreams, memories. For me, it was the perfect treatment at the perfect time from someone I could trust fully.
Egle K
Yoga Teacher