‘Vinyasa’ is the art of moving mindfully with the breath; ‘krama’ is often translated as ‘order', ‘method’ or ‘in stages’. In Vinyasa Krama, we move step by step and in a special way to a new place (i.e the final expression of the posture) by way of a flowing sequence that is guided by the quality of your ujjyai breath. This is an ancient practice of physical and spiritual development originally taught by Indian master Sri Krishnamacharya that integrates mind, body and breath so that the practitioner may experience ecstasy. Conducted in a warm room and set to music, this fast-paced, physical practice will build internal heat, strength and cardiovascular stamina but, most of all, a sense of euphoria and freedom. Students will receive hands-on adjustments in order to refine their alignment and deepen their connection to the asana. Given that each body is unique, every posture in the sequence can be adapted for the individual so that they can find the middle point between comfort and intensity. And since there are an infinite number of variations for each posture, the exact sequencing of this class will change from time to time.